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Repair Drainage Issues

Repair Drainage Issues

Update Your Turf

Update Your Turf

Improve Greens

Improve Greens







Improvements in golf equipment over the last 25 years have created better golfers. It is time to upgrade your course!


Renovations start with a full site analysis, preliminary routing plans and studies.  Our team will review construction drawings and specifications to ensure your course is engineered to challenge the modern golfer.

Is Your Course Ready for an Upgrade?

Are many of your course’s hazards no longer in play?


Are playing conditions unsafe due to improper setbacks between golf holes or outside development?


Is your course uninteresting because the original design lacked variety in length, par, shot values, and strategy? Is it simply unchallenging?


Do you have drainage problems that often close the course or contribute to poor turf growth and other problems?


Are your greens poorly designed and constructed causing poor drainage, compaction, worn turf, disease, etc.?


Are you interested in the new ultra-dwarf grasses available?


Do you have problems growing healthy grass because of an inferior irrigation system?


Are your tees, bunkers, greens, and/or fairways looking worn; therefore, detracting from the aesthetics of the golf course?


Douse your course need practice facilites such as driving range, practice green or bunker, instruction areas, etc.?


If the answer is YES to any of these questions contact

McCumber Golf.  Lets' get started on making your golf course more challenging for today's golfer.






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